How to fix three simple mistakes, when making your own pattern paper

I made my own pattern paper using stamps from Puddle jumpers and Rainy days together. I colored using copic markers. I came across three problems that I had to solve in order to not start all over agen. My stamping wasn’t perfect, I happened to get ink where I didn’t want it and I chose the wrong color combination… I created a movie where you can see exactly how I solved these three problems. The idea with this pattern is that it should be a little more masculine. Do you think it succeeded? please leave me a comment below. Masculine cards are something I need to create more of, But I sometimes find it difficult to come up with good ideas for it. I hope you liked the card and that this gave you some inspiration.

// Emelie 

3 thoughts on “How to fix three simple mistakes, when making your own pattern paper

  1. Definitely!!! love love love the pattern, it creates movement and symmetry without the standard “repeat” block pattern…….. love it, such joy and hooray and agree with Katie…….. where are those mistakes???? super card xxx perfect for both girl and boy!!

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