Trinity & Artesprix Collaboration

Hello, friends!! Trinity & Artesprix teamed up for a collaboration of their fantastic products!! I didn’t even know that you could do sublimation at home!! It’s a fun way to get more from your stamps and create something different!! I’ll do my best to explain everything as I go, but Artesprix has great directions and videos over on their site, that you can check out for better explanations, as well as links to all of their products. Let’s get started!!

To begin, I traced around the blanks provided onto white copy paper with a pencil.

I stamped the florals from the First Bloom and Buttercup Blossoms stamp sets, along with “travel” from the Handlettered Basics Stamp Set, onto the copy paper with the sublimation ink within the traced shapes.

Next, I colored in the images with the Thermal Transfer Markers. (These are quite a bit different than my go-to Copic markers.)

I trimmed the copy paper around each image, leaving enough room to tape the blanks to the paper with the special heat-proof tape.

From there, I moved my projects to my ironing board. Using the sandwich as instructed, I placed my iron on each blank for 3 minutes. I added the key ring and bag loops to my blanks and here’s how they turned out!!

Of course I had to make mine floral, but can you imagine the possibilities with this?!?

I can’t wait to play around with this some more!! There are a few more team members participating in the collaboration so stay tuned to see what they created!!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!! Have a wonderful weekend!!


One thought on “Trinity & Artesprix Collaboration

  1. These are really pretty. I like to see non-card projects (I mostly make cards, but love to try new things).

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