Made with love (and sparkle)

Hi Everyone, Mirella here. Today, we’re going to make a sparkly project, perfect for all the crocheters and knitters in your lives!

First off, the background – I used glitter paste, so it needed a bit of time to dry… It looks really fantastic, but in reality it only took minutes to make – all thanks to the A2 quilted cover die, and the coordinating stencil set (which, by the way, works for both A2 sized cards AND slimline cards – how clever is that?!). I chose the stencil with the hearts, to match the image, and the sentiment.

You already know that I love the gnomes by Trinity, and one of the newest additions, Made with love, is no exception. I am not only in love with the image, but I am also totally bonkers about the coordinating die – the way it cuts out the image (pay attenton to the space between the dog & the gnome & the yarn) and the sentiment (such an unusual look, and it worked so well with my background!) is sooooo cool! And what a great price point, too! I used the fact that I have the coordinating dies, and I actually cut the image out 4 times, to stack it for dimension – I felt that it was the best way to do it, seeing how thin the part with the yarn is – try using foam tape under that! 😉

Colouring the image was a lot of fun, and I decided to try matching the colour of the heart from the image with the hearts on my background – I think I got pretty close! The heart looks a little bit messily coloured – sadly, despite the fantastic blending I achieved on it, the sparkle pen I used on top made it look a bit blotchy, but I think it still looks great, and maybe even more realistic for a knitted/crocheted project. 

As you can see, there’s plenty of sparkle on the card – from the little sparkly hearts in the background, through the big heart, all the way to the gnome’s and dog’s hats. I love sparkle, and once I started, I couldn’t help myself!

I am really happy with how this turned out – it makes me feel all cozy for cold autumn evenings… I want to try with a yellowish blanket next, as this is what I am sitting under now, as I am writing this 😉 Let’s see how it comes out!

What colour combo would you use for the blanket?

Until next time,


P.S. As usual, all of the supplies used can be found on my blog

4 thoughts on “Made with love (and sparkle)

  1. I saw this yesterday on the IG and thought, how on earth did she glue all those hearts down?!! Now I realize it is a stencil and it is great! Amazing all the details and I think it is wonderful. Enjoyed your post!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Liz! Oh, believe me, I have done crazier things before than adhering tonnes of little hearts to a card 😉 But the stencil makes it really fast & easy, and equally effective! That stencil trio is really fun, and paired with the quilted die – looks awesome!

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