My view from Creativation 2020

Hi Friends!!!

I have just returned home from Phoenix where I attended Creativation, our industry’s yearly convention where the latest products are shown, classes are taught, and shop owners are connected with brands from all over. 

If you have been on social media this past week, more than likely you have seen photos of all the exciting new products releasing in 2020! It truly is exciting! I thought I would give you a bit of a different view of this event, my view at least… and it’s not one that will tell you about any new product…but keep reading, trust me. 

If you are reading this then you probably know that Trinity Stamps is still a fairly new company. We didn’t have a booth at the show but attended the event to connect with friends and each other, #TeamTrinity. As much as all the new and amazing products stood out to me, something even bigger made a huge impact on my business and in my heart. Because I think this is so important, I really wanted to share it with you. 

You see, as card makers and paper crafters, we are all about spreading happiness and having fun with our hobby. Yet this event wasn’t for the public, it was about doing business, right? Bringing your best and going against the best. But, friends….wow, it’s so much more. I was, and still am, in awe of what I saw. Here are a few things I witnessed. 

My (persuasive) design team manager brought me along to a lunch date on day one with some of her friends. Four people that I have never met before. One of these people was Kim from the stamp company, Paper Smooches. The crafter in me was having a fan-girl moment because I LOVE her work. As we chit-chatted around the table, Kim was generous in sharing her business experience. I asked questions, she answered without hesitation. I left that lunch with four new friends and as we parted with hugs Kim said to me that if I ever had questions or if she could help at all that I could call on her. This woman was pure kindness to another stamp company owner when she had only known me for an hour. She never treated me as a competitor but as a new friend. Wow, right? 

Before this, I had met with the lovely husband and wife duo of Pear Blossom Press. Another company that is fairly new. They sell lights for card makers. They showed me their product and told me a little about themselves and somehow the conversation got on the topic of a competitor, Chibitronics. They spoke in admiration of this company in a way that would make you want to buy their competitors’ products as well as their own. They had smiles and we had an amazing chat. Seriously talented people. I encourage you to take a look at their company if you haven’t already. 

A friend and talented blogger joined Trinity stamps at Creativation for her first time to socialize and take in the event. But rather than see this friend walking around the show floor socializing and hugging friends as I expected she would,  I saw her selflessly volunteering to help with make-and-takes at different companies. She spent most of her time at Creativation doing this and with the biggest smile on her face. I don’t know if many realize how much work this can be at an event like this but she only talked about how happy she was to help and be there. Seeka, you are amazing and I am SO blessed to know you!

As I made my way around the show floor the next day walking in and out of these busy booths, I overheard so many stamp company owners and employees singing the praises of other stamp companies. A few things I heard … “Did you see the amazing stamps that Hero Arts is releasing?””Did you know there is a brand new company that launched here at Creativation? i-Crafter! Go check them out. Their stuff is so cute and the owner is SO nice!”Lawn Fawn has done it again with their new interactive die, so cute!!” Not once did I hear anyone telling someone their products were better or anything about competition. 

I ended up chatting with the amazing Florette from Ink on 3 who excitedly showed me a way to use her pixie dust on a gel plate (which was genius!). She was so incredibly nice and felt like someone I have known for a long time, not someone I just met. That is how genuine she was. By the way, her ink is amazing and I will be carrying them In our shop because I love them so much. 

Leslie from Heffy Doodle joined us with huge hugs and her infectious happy personality. We talked about our companies and exchanged new products from each other’s companies to play with (we are crafters too and love to use everything like you). Last year at Creativation (2019) I spoke to Leslie about something I was struggling with, so she offered and promised to connect me with a supplier she works with to help me out. Leslie returned home from Creativation 2019 and did what she promised right away. She didn’t just send me a name or website. She wrote a letter introducing me to her supplier. Since when do you know “competing” companies giving that kind of information to help another company? She’s just that kind of girl. I hope she knows what a difference she made in my business.

On the last day, I stopped by the “Make it by Marko” booth and met Rebecca, her husband Carl, and the kind folks working in their booth. Truly amazing people with amazing innovative 3-D products. I had wanted to chat with them about a project and instead of staying in their always busy booth, Carl actually sat with me away from the booth to chat and got to know me. I was surprised as I only expected to steal a few moments of their time. You can tell this couple really cares about the people they meet as much as their awesome products. I was very impressed.

Lastly, I have to tell you that nine of my design team members graciously flew in for the show (on their own dime mind you), and took time away from their busy lives just to meet each other and spend time representing Trinity Stamps. It’s so different when you actually meet your online friends face-to-face. They all came packed with ideas to share and a huge desire to help Trinity Stamps grow. We shared lots of late-night giggles and closer friendships than ever. I am honestly blessed with such an amazing and talented team! 

I am in awe of the crafty “community-over-competition” spirit I experienced this past week. It filled my heart and made me so incredibly proud to be a part of an industry of amazingly supportive people. I had expected to be inspired by all the fun products and projects that the show had to offer (and I was) but I left the show inspired so MUCH more by the people I had the opportunity to meet. 

Have you experienced this in our industry? If so please drop me a note or post below, I would love to hear your experiences too! And keep spreading the kindness friends, because that is what it is all about!

Links to everyone mentioned are embedded in my post so you can easily visit all these amazing people!

Lots of Crafty Hugs,

Taniesa Vlasak


25 thoughts on “My view from Creativation 2020

  1. What an amazing post. This is the thing I love most about crafters as a whole. They walk the walk on kindness. I’m so happy that your experience was so special and I know that it will not only reflect in your own line but in you being able to pay it forward. Thanks for sharing your insight!

  2. Taniesa, thank you so much for sharing your Creativation experience! I loved reading about all the Crafty Kindness that was happening. I’m going to share this in the Coffee Loving Papercrafters FB group!

  3. This is awesome! This year was my first year inside Creativation and I just loved the experience! I totally agree with your insights and I am SO glad I got to meet you and the girls in person and share a meal. Hugs to you for sharing your experiences and positivity! Just love your heart!

  4. Such an inspirational post! I wish I was there with you guys! Hopefully I’ll be able to attend next year. So happy you had a great time and met wonderful people though.

  5. It truly is a kind and carrying community. No one has your back, like another crafter. Last week, I was having a serious blogger issue. My project was going live for a company the next morning. I had a near meltdown and couldn’t fix the issue. I’m pretty tech savvy, mind you. I put out a plea on Facebook and within 2 minutes, had 2 crafters come to my rescue. One who did a video chat with me. 10 minutes later? Problem solved. I am so, so grateful for the kindness and willingness of others to drop everything, at a moments notice, and help a girl in crisis mode!

  6. Taniesa! I am so grateful to have met you two years ago at Creativation. I just knew you were as sweet as you seemed. Usually, I am hesitant meeting people I haven’t met in person but the entire crafty community is that and everyone is warm and welcoming. They chat and give advice. I’ve never felt unwelcomed! I’m so glad that you decided to share your experience so that people who are hesitant to go will go and experience it!

  7. This is so fabulous to read! Now I am even more bummed that I didn’t make it there! 😛 But hey, there are more years to come, right?

    I have always noticed even online that a lot of the companies stand behind each other and support each other, cooperate with each other – not many try to be “the best”. Which is so amazing and lovely. Crafters, as well, are some of the most generous people I have met – my husband sometimes is so in awe when I post on some group that I missed buying a magazine, or am looking for some product, and people straight away jump on to help, regardless of where in the world they are…

    This is honestly one of the big reasons why I love this hobby, and if I could only change one thing, that would be adding a few zeroes to my bank account balance, so I could be buying all the goodies and supporting all the companies! Oh, and some extra hours in each day just for crafting would also be fab, LOL!

  8. What a lovely heartwarming post! There is far too much negativity in the world so it is refreshing to find an industry where kindness prevails. I love that about crafters!
    I’m in the UK and haven’t got any Trinity Stamps yet. Do you have any UK stockists at all?

  9. LOVE this post! Creativation is an amazing place and kindness is definitely a word I would say represents the papercrafting realm there. I am so glad I was able to meet you last year!

  10. Hi, Taniesa! Thanks for sharing these thoughts. One of the major reasons why I come back year after year, the amazing camaraderie of the industry <3 So fun to meet you at the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L booth! Hope to reach out to you once the dust settles a bit. In the meantime, stay well!

  11. I met the Trinity girls at the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L booth. You guys were so fun !! I told you I won the Coffee cup die ~ and we chatted. I’m glad you had an awesome experience. This was my first time and saw the same thing you did. Makes me really happy to see such a supportive group of designers/company’s. Wasn’t always that way sadly~
    Cheering you on Trinity girls!!!

  12. I agree it is so lovely how everyone is so helpful and friendly towards each other. Greg from Concord and 9 was generous enough to give a company I work with time and valuable advice on a new project after I nitro Duce Duce him to the owner. I just love the community spirit of everyone and a special shout out and thanks to Greg xxx

  13. That’s what i like about the crafting hobby — people share and help each other. It’s not cut-throat like the fine arts community.

  14. What a wonderfully written post. I have yet to go to Creativation, but I have felt these same feels from all the Design Teams I have been on and the companies I have worked with.

  15. What a beautiful read! Well said. This crafting community is perfection💗. Other non-stamping/crafting companies should take a note how we work so well together. No competition!

  16. So beautifully put and my sentiments exactly on Creativation! I’m so sad I didn’t get a chance to meet you this year, but I did spend some time chatting with many of your design team members and even made new friends from your team. Thanks for sharing your outlook on things, it really warmed my heart!

  17. A wonderful post. It made me so happy to read about the beautiful moments and fantastic people that make up this industry. Such a breath of fresh air to see how supportive everyone in the community is. Kindness is contagious ❤️.

  18. I loved reading about your experience so much. I could get a visual because of the pictures I’ve seen shared! Thank you so much for sharing. This makes my heart full xoxo hugs

  19. You couldn’t have summed up the experience of CREATIVATION any better!! This was my 2nd year attending and working in the Therm O Web Booth!! I was LUCKY enough to get to meet several of the Trinity Stamps DT in person this year and OMG do I LOVE those Girls!! I missed getting to meet you. but hopefully next year!! THANKS for sharing and I AGREE 110% there is NO BETTER Industry to be a part of!! I always leave so INSPIRED and LIFTED Up and my HEART is FULL!! HUGE HUGS and here’s to the countdown for CREATIVATION 2021!!

  20. Taniesa, I am so happy to hear your experience was similar to mine! Though, I’m not surprised, since you are a warm and friendly person, and I saw that myself at Create last year. I wish I had known you were there, too! I would have liked to say hi! I have to tell you, your design team does you proud. I met Amanda Wilcox in one of my classes, and she was just so sweet and kind and enthusiastic. Best wishes to you for continued success and growth for your company!

  21. Hi Taniesa. What a lovely post! It truly was a most welcoming event and your blog post describes it perfectly. I am so proud to be a part of an industry that cares about each other. Best wishes to you and your company. Hugs!

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