Hi, My name is Taniesa (Tan-Knee-Sa), and I am the owner and creative director of Trinity Stamps. I live in beautiful Seattle, Washington. It is absolutely gorgeous here in the Pacific Northwest. I live with my loving and supportive husband and my three wonderful children. I have been an artist and paper crafter for as long as I can remember. It is truly a blessing to participate in the creation of these stamps and other tools for crafters and artists.

When I was growing up my grandparents owned a business named Trinity Plastics. They worked hard building up a company. They started in their garage and grew steadily to the point of handling million dollar accounts in the Silicon Valley. They put their whole heart into a business that honored God for over 35 years (They prayed over every order they received) and provided the best quality and customer service to those they did business with. This was something that I saw my entire life. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit as they did, and their example of business ownership showed me what kind of business owner I want to be. I hope that every day I am blessed to run Trinity Stamps that I will display that legacy of my grandparents. Thank you Gram and Papa, for showing (not just telling) me how to live a spirit-filled life not just personally, but professionally as well.