Mix It Up Monday! One Stamp Wreaths

Hello Friends! Welcome to Mix it Up Monday! This week, I’m combining three stamp sets and using smaller images from the Rhino Bird Day set and sentiments from Succulent Bannersto create a wreath backdrop for the Seasonal Sweetheart and some of her accessories.

I created a Hello Spring and Welcome Sweet Little Baby card using the one stamp wreath technique. This is a really fun way to stretch your stamps and use all those smaller images in your stamp sets.

Creating the One Stamp Wreath

I used the same method for each card but with different images and colors.

  1. Pencil a circle using a template (I used one my circle dies) in the center of a card panel.
  2. Stamp Hello or Welcome from Succulent Banners to the bottom-right of the circle.
  3. Stamp the butterfly or flower from Rhino Bird Day around the circle. Leaving a little space for a cute embellishment or Nuvo Drop between images.
  4. Carefully, erase your pencil markings.
  5. Add embellishments or Nuvo Drops between the images around the wreath. This helps create the full circle/wreath shape.

Tips & Tricks:

  • I stamped and cut a flower and butterfly image and then used that image as guide/template to determine where to stamp on the wreath. I took the image around the circle marking the spacing between all the images. This also helps to count how many images and ink colors you may want to use for the wreath.
  • Finding images that are slightly curved makes building the circle wreath very easy. The sentiments from Succulent Banners were perfect for this. The flower image from Rhino Bird Day also had a slight curve to it.
  • You are not limited to only one stamp image. You can also combine different images together for a multiple impage wreath; the butterfly and flower look great together. I would just make the the line weights of the stamps are similar so you maintain a clean circle shape.

Hello Spring

The Seasonal Sweetheart is such a versatile set and I just love how you can color her for the seasons. I thought a little yellow and aqua-green would be good to celebrate spring.

Embellishments: Something New Bright White Smooth Baubles and Fairy Rocks-Rhinestones

Welcome Sweet Little Baby

The Seasonal Sweetheart comes with all these fun accessories that she can carry with her and I thought her little teddy and present could stand on their own for a Welcome Baby card or Baby Shower card. I used Copic Colors and a little Nuvo Aqua Glitter drops to color the images. The sentiments in Succulent Banner was a perfect match for this type of card.

So there we go friends, a clean and simple one-stamp wreath image to use as a backdrop or focal point for your cards. I hope you enjoyed this project. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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Big Paper Hugs!

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