Happy New Year card using the “city lights layering stencil” set

Hello friends, today I am so excited to show you this New year card I made using mostly stencils. Can you believe I am making a card to celebrate the new year already? Where has the time gone?

I am hoping that today I can give you some pointers on how to use the City Lights Slimline Layering stencil set to make some cards in a breeze. 

First of all, I found that starting off with a colored cardstock definitely made things a lot easier for me.  I wanted my background to have a dark night effect so I went with purple, but I think blue would have worked well too. I started by placing my stencil (a) on my purple base and I secured it using washi tape.  This was going to be the back buildings in my scene so I chose a gray ink to add color to them.  When I was done making my building outline I lined up the opposite side of the stencil to add the lights that represent the windows to the buildings and using a small brush I applied a yellow tone oxide ink. 
Immediately after I place the second stencil (b) where I felt that would the best, these would become the front buildings in my scene, so I chose a black ink to add color to them. Using a brush I took my time and added layers of the black dye ink until I felt it was dark enough. Now I repeated the process for the lights as I did with the stencil a above. I did cover some of the places on my stencils prior to adding the lights just in case I ended up making a mistake.

Now that the buildings are done it was time to make the sky look darker so that the fireworks would shine bright. I used distress ink in villainous potion and the same black ink I used for the buildings do layer color on my purple paper. I started with the purple, and got as close to the buildings as I could without ruining them, and then repeated the process with the black ink, but only applying it half way to where I put the purple ink.

Now for the fireworks, this was my favorite part of the whole process. I decided I wanted to use glitter to make them look more dimensional and colorful, so I grabbed a few colors of super extra fine glitter I have and my transfer gel duo and a palette knife and went to work. I applied a very thin layer of the gel on each of the areas I wanted fireworks and before the gel had any time to dry I sprinkled glitter on it, in different tones and different areas of each firework, I love how this turned out.

For the sentiment I chose to use Happy New Year from the Happy Dance stamp set and I heat embossed it using silver embossing powder. 

I ended up trimming my papers to be the size of a mini slimline card and layered it using some holographic paper and die cut my base using the largest die from the Mini Slimline Stitched layers die set.

That is it for me this week, I hope you all had a great thanksgiving and that you are finding time to craft even when we get so busy with holiday preparations. 

See you next time!

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